I grew up on boiled peanuts - by Jennifer Vogel

Born and raised in Florida I grew up on boiled peanuts.........

I now live in Ohio! None of these people have ever heard of a boiled peanut..............

I am now so happy I have found your company. I recently went for a visit to Florida and came across your Jumbo Bag of Peanuts at Publix. I bought one to eat while my family was on vacation and two to bring home in a cooler. With a family of 5 the two bags didn't make it 20 miles down the road before someone was into them. I kept the bag for your information and will be a long time customer.....................

We shoud really bring boiled peanuts to the North; between the peanut thing and no sweet tea for miles.............

I am wondering why I moved here?

Thanks, Jennifer Vogel

Millie Piper - a South Georgia Girl's comments

Just wanted to send you an e-mail to tell you I purchased a bag of your boiled peanuts at Publix Grocery Store. They are delicious!!!

I particularly noticed that all the peanuts in the bag were a very nice size - all of them being the same - none to throw out. Being a South Georgia girl you know that means - boiled peanuts!!!

I am keeping your e-mail address so I can order from you. I doubt I will be lucky enough for Publix to have any next week!!!

Thanks for great boiled peanuts I didn't have to do myself.

Have a good afternoon.
Millie Piper
Conyers, Ga.

Big Nate's Review

man yall got some good peanuts i love them thangs i ate a bag full last night. man id eat my weight in them thangs...!!!

Big Nate,

Rev. Jesse Grimsley, Jr's Review

Just read the article in the Southern Living. We have been stopping at your stands for years as we travel around Ga. You do a good job with the nuts.

Rev. Jesse Grimsley, Jr.

Customer John Chambers' Review

Dear Sir:

I have to be really impressed for me to contact a company about their product as a consumer.

I consider myself to be an expert on the subject of boiled-peanuts. I have been cooking (not selling) boiled peanuts for the past 55 years. I must have eaten a ton or so in my life.

I have tried every boiled-peanut for sale in retail outlets in my life, but always find them to be old, or soggy, or to little, or to salty, etc!

They only come in small cans and way overpriced. Some for sale along the highways at peanut-stands are usually warmed over for a few days by the time I purchase them. Yuk!!!

However,....now here comes Hardy-Farms on the scene, and my local Publix Supermarket was smart enough to stock their boiled-peanuts, sold in a large, ice-cold plastic bag!

I tried them, my family tried them, my friends have now tried them.


As long as you continue to produce this product, and as long a Publix is smart enough to keep stocking them, I will cease boiling my own, and will purchase Hardy-Farms Peanuts.

In short,...your product is awesome.

John Chambers

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